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Creation is singing – Lyrics, MP3 and more

This animated song for kids is inspired by the way creation itself is directing us to its creator. The animals, the rivers and mountains all make us sing prasise to God who created then all.



I am amazed and joyful
To see the animals so playful
To see the living creatures
Having all so different features
You come and You provide
And all are blessed by Your gentle touch
You’re taking care of all
‘Cause You love us very much!

Creation is singing praises
And lifts Your Name up
You are our Awesome God
Heavens bow down in worship
Shouting Your praises
You are the Lord most high!

Just as You care for everything You’ve made
And Your help is always there, never delayed
I am always in Your sight
You created me!
And I’m joining, Lord
To sing out Your praise
With all I am!