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Hosanna – Lyrics, MP3 and more

“Hosanna” is an animated song that narrates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, as told in the biblical account of Palm Sunday. We hope this animation will provide you an opportunity to share the significance of the Easter celebration with others.



People come to celebrate,
They are joyful and can hardly wait
To bring cheers to the King.

Just like in Jerusalem
They spread branches, for the One who’s come
In the name of the Lord.

Let us be thankful, rejoice and bow down,
Jesus Messiah is back in the town!

Come now! Chant and shout out „Hosanna!”
To the One Who’s coming,
Praise Him with the soul and the heart beat,
Grateful and happy!
And lay our lives before Him forevermore!

Jesus set the whole world free
So that people all His love could see.
We are saved and restored.
Worthy is our God’s own Son,
The Redeemer and the One who’s come
In the name of the Lord.

Biblical references

Matthew 21:1-9