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Jonah – Lyrics, MP3 and more

God spoke to Jonah and told him to go to Nineveh to tell them that the city would be destroyed if the people did not give up the sins in their lives. Although Jonah refuses to go to Nineveh, God brings him there and the message he brings produces a radical change.



God decided to speak to Jonah
And to Nineveh He sent him that day
‘Cause all its wicked men needed the Word of salvation.
Jonah got into the first ship
He knew was sailing the opposite way,
Defied the Lord’s command and chose to flee without hesitation.

Jonah, you know My mercy is for everyone
And all My grace embraces the one who is heartly praying.
Jonah, you’d better keep in mind and take to heart
That I’m the only God who loves with a love unfailing.

Suddenly the wind started blowing,
A mighty storm was threatening the ship
So Jonah told the crew to throw him away in the waves.
Then the raging sea was silent,
A fish swallowed Jonah with a sip
And in its belly he prayed crying for three nights and days.

Learning the obedience lesson,
The prophet was released at God’s command,
To Nineveh he rushed spreading the Word of salvation.
The wicked people prayed and repented,
But Jonah didn’t seem to understand
What God had in mind when He offered them restauration.

I am well aware God is justice,
But why He choses to forgive I don’t get,
When people brake His heart sinning and hurting each other.
I am well aware God is loving,
But I don’t know what makes Him love us so much,
Forever holding us all redeemed in the arms of the Father.

Especially Jonah!

Biblical references