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Little Calf and Little Lamb Lyrics, MP3 and more

This Christmas Carol for kids is about the birth of Jesus as seen through the eyes of 2 animals from the manger in Bethlehem, a little calf and a little lamb. An original song that the little ones will enjoy throughout the year.



When the night is drawing nearer falling over Bethlehem,
Darkness doesn’t scare the bravest little Calf and little Lamb.
They are ready for a long sleep till the morning sun will rise
When a star is brightly shining tickling their weary eyes.

Fidgets startled off the ground
Waking everyone around,
All stood up to take a peep
At the light that stole their sleep.

On the road towards the stable hasty paces can be heard,
They approach and, in a jiffy, step inside without a word.
Riding on a peaceful donkey, tired virgin now descends
And a caring man who comforts until all the bustle ends.

Everybody is in awe
Of the miracle they saw:
In their home, without a warn,
Baby Jesus Christ was born.

All the youngling of the stable warm the baby in the hay,
Gathered round the manger cradle, they see all the humans pray.
Joyful parents, wise men, shepherds kneel before the child and sing,
Earth and Heaven join in bringing glory to the newborn King.

Peace and sleep are coming down
Over stable, field and town.
Only Calf and little Lamb
Stay awake in Bethlehem.