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The story of Joseph

Discover the fascinating story of Joseph, in a series of captivating narratives that will strengthen your faith! From his bold dreams to his suspenseful adventures and divine wisdom, this series of biblical stories will take you on an extraordinary journey through biblical time and space. Learn alongside Joseph lessons of trust, forgiveness, and perseverance, and discover how unwavering faith can face the greatest trials. With each episode, you will be inspired to trust in divine guidance. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with one of the most remarkable stories in the Bible!


Episode 1 – The dreams

Episode 1 of the “The story of Joseph” series brings to the forefront Joseph’s fascinating dreams that trigger a chain of disturbing events. As Joseph tries to share his dreams, his brothers see him as a threat and decide to remove him from their path. Joseph is sold as a slave by his brothers, while they deceive their loved ones about his fate, claiming that he was killed by a wild beast.

Episode 2 – A slave in Egipt

After being sold as a slave by his brothers, Joseph demonstrates remarkable diligence and integrity, which leads him to be put in charge of Potiphar’s household. However, Joseph’s life becomes complicated when Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce him, but he firmly rejects her advances, remaining faithful to his beliefs and principles. Eventually, Joseph is thrown into prison.

Episode 3 – The power to interpret dreams

Joseph finds himself in prison, where he accurately interprets the dreams of two fellow inmates, dreams that later come true. However, Joseph’s destiny takes a dramatic turn when Pharaoh has a disturbing dream, and none of his wise men can offer a satisfactory explanation. In this desperate situation, the chief cupbearer remembers Joseph and his gift of interpreting dreams. Thus, Joseph is brought before Pharaoh to interpret his dream.

Episode 4 – Ruler in Egypt

After interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams, he is placed in charge of Egypt, and his childhood dreams come true. Due to famine, Jacob sends his children to Egypt to get food. However, Joseph’s brothers appear before him without recognizing him. Here, Joseph subjects his brothers to some tests.

Episode 5 – Reunited with his brothers

After subjecting his brothers to several tests, Joseph reveals his identity to them. When his brothers realize that he is indeed Joseph, their long-lost brother whom they thought was dead, they rejoice and weep together. Joseph forgives them and provides them with food during the famine, explaining that God has turned evil into good to save them.


The imagery and soundtrack of this series were inspired by the song “Joseph”.


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