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The story of Noah

In the “The story of Noah” series, we explore the biblical story of Noah. From the sin that triggered God’s anger to the construction of the ark and the coming of the flood, we follow the events that marked this history. As we uncover Noah’s adventure, we also observe a parallel between his times and our own, learning that salvation comes through faith and obedience to God.


Episode 1 – Someone different

In the first episode we explore the context and circumstances that led to God’s decision to send the flood as punishment for sin. We will also discover Noah’s ancestors, as well as the man who lived the longest at that time.

Episode 2 – Choices

God reveals His plan about the flood to Noah and commands him to build an ark. Noah faces a crucial decision: to trust in God and follow His command or to rely on the things he sees around him. Ultimately, Noah’s choice will be crucial for his and his family’s survival.

Episode 3 – Into the Ark

Noah is mocked by those around him for building the ark, but he remains determined to see the project through to the end. Obedient to God’s command, Noah gathers the animals and brings his family into the ark. Even though the rain is slow to come and no one seems to take Noah’s warnings seriously, he trusts in the divine promise and remains confident in God.

Episode 4 – The Flood

After Noah entered the Ark, the rain began to fall. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights until the whole earth was covered with water. The flood that God had told Noah about had come.

Episode 5

We’ve reached the end of our series about Noah. After the flood, the rain stopped and the waters began to recede. Noah and his family emerged from the Ark and offered a sacrifice to the Lord. Here, we also see the covenant that God makes with humanity and the significance of the rainbow.

Noah and the ark

The imagery and soundtrack of this series were inspired by the song “Noah and the ark”.


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